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When it comes to computing on low spec’d systems, Linux always has an edge over any other Operating System. Puppy Linux and Linux Lite are some of the most popular low spec’d Linux distributions available but there are always alternatives to everything. antiX Linux is an worthy alternative to Puppy Linux, Linux Lite, Windows XP, Windows 95, etc.

antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install Linux Distribution based on Debian Stable branch for Intel and AMD x86 compatible systems. antiX provides a light but fully functional and flexible for computers of every generation.

antiX can also be used a rescue CD or a live medium Linux Distribution as its lite and snappy. antiX offers a new desktop environment called “antiX magic” suitable for both old and new systems.

Though meant for old computers, it was quite obvious that it worked quite snappy in a modern day device. One of the most shocking things was its boot time which was around 20-30 seconds. The DE is quite sluggish but gets everything done. All in all its a great “Retro Linux Distribution” for all the old devices which you thought were of no use anymore.

To download the .iso image of the distribution, click here.

For instructions on installation procedure, click here.

For more information about antiX and MX Linux, click here.

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