Bodhi Linux : for the low-end ?

There are many linux distributions that aim at providing a streamlined user experience alongside being an overall light package for the users.
Bodhi Linux is one such linux distribution. So, lets check out the distributions… ?

Bodhi Linux is an elegant and lightweight Ubuntu-based distribution featuring Moksha, an Enlightenment-17-based desktop environment. The project takes a decidedly minimalist approach by offering modularity, high levels of customisation, and choice of themes. In addition to basic 32- and 64-bit systems, Bodhi maintains designated ISO images for Chromebooks and legacy machines. By default Bodhi has only five pre-installed applications: Midori, Terminology, PCManFM, ePhoto, and ePad. Additional software is available via AppCenter, a web-based software installation tool.

Bodhi Linux is ranked at 54 with 200 hits per day ( as on 2.2.2019 ) on

Bodhi Linux at stock is not very customizable but using tweaks and other gits you can make it your own.?

My Review ?

In my testing Bodhi Linux turned out to be a quite snappy distribution and the DE was quite non-intrusive that allowed multitasking.It ran most of the high-end applications like LibreOffice, PyCharm, Steam all at same time. Web Рapps can always be made to look like applets using ICE which is yet another charm. All in all, Bodhi Linux is one of the best Linux Distribution for low-end systems. But is lacks some of the modern functionality at stock. Its worth a check… ?

Click here to get the .iso file of the Distribution.

Click here for detailed information on how to install a Linux distribution with just a minimal USB stick.

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