CloudReady : Google Ready?

We know that Google officially offers an intriguing operating system for desktops, called Chrome OS but it doesn’t check all the boxes. Chrome OS, though really fast, is available only for Google’s hardware i.e. Chromebooks and Slates. But, Just like Hackintosh is for macOS, we have CloudReady for Chrome OS. So, Let’s check what the OS has for us to offer.

CloudReady OS is a Gentoo based Linux Distribution built and maintained by Neverware based on Google’s open source Chromium OS which uses Cloud Services rather than on device applications for quicker and snappier user experience. But, As you may have expected, it’s for THE INTERNET USER only. Offline usage in the OS is a MESS!! The usual application are not usual like File Manager and Chrome like Single Paged Settings which is a chaos.


Though the OS, promises Snappy and On Click Performance which outperforms any other I’ve ever tested. It’s just as ironic to its actual utility. Though based on Linux, the user needs to toggle Linux On from the Settings “Page”. The Linux SUB-Shell provides Terminal that is Gentoo based and most of the commands are just a MESS!!

Though In the right direction, CloudReady OS is still far behind other Linux Distribution. Maybe Not, But Since Under the Linux Umbrella, CloudReady is so short of being a recommendable Linux Distribution.

The CloudReady OS is ranked at 226 with 31 hits per day on

The .iso image of the Linux Distribution and its Installation Instructions can be found here

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