elementary OS 5.1 Hera : Updates, Upgrades and Inclusions

I’ve tried out many Linux Distributions ranging from Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora but I’ve spent most of my time with elementary OS as the base for my blog. The reason being its simplicity, minimalist appeal and Design front. The distribution got its latest update on December 3 and this post is late but I’ve tested out the distribution in depth and believe me when I say, this update has changed the distribution a lot.

elementary OS is an Ubuntu based desktop distribution that features a custom desktop environment called Pantheon. It has all its custom apps and is quite minimal at feel. The distribution is available for x86_64 platform at a “Custom Price ( Pay What You Want )”. 😉

The previous version of elementary OS, Juno was itself a pretty solid foundation and this version builds upon it.


Greeter & On Boarding : The Greeter and On Boarding are new features that make first run of the distribution familiar for the users and throws a run through of the whole OS. The improved Login Screen is a great update from previous version.

Flatpak Support : Flatpak is an open source app shipping platform that can used by many major Distributions. Earlier, Flatpak could be used by a trick using installation of a PPA but now it’s done, Out Of The Box. 🙂 There is a new app called Sideload that makes it easier for installation of Flatpak applications.

Dark Mode : The dark mode is completely based on your choice of Wallpapers.

Improved Applications Menu Search : System Settings and System Actions have been added to the Applications Menu Search for faster and convenient navigation.

The Settings Page, AppCentre do show some hard improvements and the distribution feels a lot faster than before. The Update is surely great and will go along well.

These are the Updates I found interesting in the Update and there surely are a lot more. To check out the whole article of the elementary forum, click here.

To download the .iso image of the Distribution, click here.

For instructions on installation of Linux Distribution by using USB Stick, click here.

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