Elive CD : The Old School Beast ?

One of the most fascinating features of Linux is that it can be started from USB live medium to enjoy a fully functional desktop OS with even installing one. There are many Linux Distributions that are over-exaggerated to engross a wider audience. But, many of them out-shine others in terms of speed and stability. Being minimal in approach and storage usage make them less processing hungry and thus what we get is a beautifully fast and uncluttered experience.

Elive OS ( Enlightenment Live CD ) is a live medium linux distribution that is non-commercial ( free ) and is faster and feature-rich than most of the live medium distributions.

Elive is based on Debian and uses i386 ( 32 bit ) as Processor Architecture. It comes with a full – suite of applications for work as well as pleasure. Here’s a brief of its features:

It is currently placed at 105 ( with 144 hits per day ) on Distrowatch.com ( as on April 19, 2019 ).

My {Expert} Opinion 🙂

This is a crazy fast OS even on old systems but the thing that kinds stops me from recommending it is that is built on very old base and it’s really sluggish to feel in comparison to modern distro like Kubuntu or Elementary OS 🙁 . But, If you’ve a granny style old system which you would like to impart life into, Elive is your go to OS.

To download the .iso file, head over to this link.

For instruction on installing a .iso image on to a USB live medium, head over to this post.

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