Enso OS : The Unknown Hero…

Since there are so many Linux Distributions out, many of the good Distributions seem to get faded in glam of other Large Distros like Ubuntu and Fedora but this does not mean that these distros aren’t good.

Enso OS is a Linux Distribution based on Xubuntu. Enso features the Xfce desktop Gala imported from elementary OS, as the default window manager. The distribution also features the Panther application launcher and the Plank Dock.

The distribution is ranked at 148 (with 64 hits per day) on Distrowatch.com

Enso is designed with simplicity in mind. The design and system is kept minimalistic and less resource hungry so as to run applications efficiently. Enso is in all a great alternative to Windows and MacOS in this endless race of Linux Distributions that keep on raising and updating every moment.

My Opinion ( 🙂 )

It ran quite well in my system with no system lag or errors in its run. The UI is quite intuitive and if you’ve or are using elementary OS like me, you’ll feel quite familiar. Customization takes a bit of effort and time. But even at stock, it managed to impress me by its snappy performance. 🙂

To Download the .iso image of the distribution, click here.

For instruction as to how to install Linux using .iso image and USB stick, click here.

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