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Fedora is another player in the Linux Game with almost 922 hits per day on Distrowatch.com making it the 7th most popular Distribution.
Fedora, all in all is an altogether different approach to Linux with different Package Managers like DNF (standard tool), dnfdragora, RPM (package system).
Fedora was build by community-supported Fedora Project and is now sponsored by Red Hat making it a hub of experienced men out there to help you out on community forums and making Updates (in 6 months).


Fedora offers three different editions : Workstation for personal uses, Server for servers, Atomic for cloud computing. The latest release of Fedora is 29 and latest preview is 30.

It is available on the following platforms : x86_32, x86_64, armhf, aarch64(server), aarch64(desktop), ppc64le, mips64el, mipsel, s390x, RISC-V.

Putting aside all that technical stuff, let see what Linux Scoop has to tell about it:

Here’s Distrowatch.com ‘s take on Fedora:


Coming to my personal experience, I’ve used Fedora for quite a while and I find it quite familiar to a normal Debian Environment with GNOME Shell on board but being a Debian guy I found it difficult to get used to its terminal commands.


Moreover, Fedora has comparatively lesser applications with can for sure be fixed by use of compatibility layers.

Fedora is available in a wide variety of desktop environments from Fedora Spins


To install Fedora:
Get Started by downloading .iso file from here
To learn how to flash an .iso file and boot it in your system, head over to this post.

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