Future of Linux Applications

If you’ve used Linux enough, and have tried different Distributions you must have experienced the diversity in app distribution.

Ubuntu uses apt repository to allow users to install applications and newly introduced Snaps by Canonical Group but there are other distributions like Fedora or Arch which creates a divide.

Snap and Flatpak are universal linux packages that can be installed on your Distribution to enable installations of apps through CLI and GUI means.

These applets are stable as Runtimes provide common libraries that developers can depend on. Flatpak even provides build tools that are simple and easy to use. documentation can be found here.

Even Snaps are easy to built and distributed using Python, C/C++, Go, Java, Node.js, Electron, Ruby, Rust, etc.

As a Linux user, these package distribution prove to be better to install and update applications as well as discover new applications and games that can be installed on most of the Linux distros.

To install Snap, click here.

To install flatpak, click here.

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