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KDE neon : The KDE masterpiece ?

There are many Desktop Environments in the Linux Ecosystem. Since most of them are open source, customiztions are just some clicks away. But, KDE is regarded as the most customizable Desktop Environments.

KDE packs with itself a bunch of customiztion tools, widgets and themes, so that the user can have full control over his/her system.

KDE neon is the Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring the latest KDE Plasma desktop and other KDE community software.

Two editions of the product are available – a “User” edition, designed for those interested in checking out the latest KDE software as it gets released, and a “Developer’s” edition, created as a platform for testing cutting-edge KDE applications.

While KDE neon is great for casual users, even Developer will find KDE neon pretty useful.
It is currently available for aarch64 and x86_64 architectures.

The distriibution is currently ranked at 12 with 617 hits per day (as on March 2, 2019) on Distrowatch.com

My Personal Opinions 🙂

I’ve personally used KDE neon for around a week and found it pretty goos in terms of performance.
The animations are snapier and processing is quicker than many of other options.
Plus, Ubuntu has been chosen as a base for its reliable core technology.
I find KDE neon, a healthy competition to Kubuntu and KaOS which also feature KDE.
It’s worth it…

For home page of the project, click here.

To get the .iso file of the distribution, head over to this site.

For instructions on how to install a distro from its .iso file using USB as bootable media, click here.

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