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In my quest to Linux Distributions that are light, fast and reliable with minimal disadvantages, I’ve covered Lubuntu and AntiX,and was quite satisified with them, until I “Distro-Jumped” to Linux Lite. And I must say there may be more Better-Looking Distributions but Linux Lite beats every other Linux Distro I’ve ever tried.

Putting it quite simply, Linux Lite is a minimal Linux Distro that can be changed to whatever you want it to be. Based on Ubuntu (LTS), Linux Lite is available for i686 and x86_64 platforms with Xfce as the default and only Desktop Environment ( Expected More ? ). Aiming at being beginner-friendly, the Distro does quite well at its base with all major and required software on board. It is quite a question as to how, this Light Distro packs everything and is yet so fast.

On the customizations front, Xfce DE does provied some tweaking but you need install some other apps to unlock its full potential. Since, the Distro is based on Ubuntu and has Xfce, Xubuntu is the closest competition to the Distribution and holds on to it well. Xubuntu does not feel as fluid and robust as it does. ( ” My Views Only “! )

The Distribution is ranked at 21 on with 427 hits per day.

To Download the .iso file of the Distro, head over to this link.

For Instructions on how to install a Linux Distro using a USB Stick, click here.

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