Linux Mint : The Classic Experience ?

Transformation from Windows to Linux is difficult due
to change in work style and change in desktop experience.
Especially, In desktop environments like GNOME, a Windows
guy will surely feel a bit awkward. So, there are many
linux distro which strive to bring classic desktop
experience to Linux not undermining the Linux experience.

Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution which tries to
give a classic desktop experience with may convenient tools
and multimedia support.

The desktop icons and menus look and feel like Windows
Start Menu but is actually Linux at core and is quite
stable 😉

Linux Mint is for Cinnamon Desktop ( which i’ve been talking
about 🙂 ) but it also has MATE and Xfce versions.
It is currently available for i386 and x86_64 architectures.

The linux dustribution is currently ranked at 3 with 2,194
hits per day on ( as on Mar 15, 2019 )

My { Expert ? } Opinion

I’ve used Mint for quite a while it feels like a normal
Windows Desktop but I had issues while setting up my Wi-Fi
which might be just ME thing but in all the distribuion is
quite well and the Community is quite well 🙂

To download the .iso file, click here.
For information on how to install linux distros using USB
stick, head over to this post.

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