Lubuntu 19.10 : Sleek, Fast and Light

Recently I’ve been trying out Fast and Resource – efficient Linux Distributions. I came across Bodhi, Lite, Puppy, XenialPup and Lubuntu. And I have to admit that when it comes to being resource efficient yet a truly complete Linux Distro, Lubuntu beats the herd.

Lubuntu is a Ubuntu derivative using LXQt Desktop Environment which focuses on resource – efficiency providing customizations as well.

Being a derivative of Ubuntu the distribution is heavily stable and is backed by many forums for anything you might get stuck with. Providing a well sustained applications suite, the distribution provides support for Snap and Flatpak to install Linux Applications of your choice. Application here are a bit KDE(ish). With many themes, icons and GTK themes out of the box, you are never stuck with what the developer wants your Desktop to look like.

Lubuntu uses Qt for rendering Widgets and entire ecosystem making it one hell of a Fast Distro. Likewise the applications that come pre-installed are light as well. Making the entire Distro as fast as those fingers.

Theming is quite easy and comes with most used themes out of the box. Those being Arc theme and Papirus icons. All in all, sharp edges and vibrant colours do make it look modern. Something I never expected for the genre of Linux Distributions to do, when I think of it now. ?

Now let’s come onto the technical stuff :
Lubuntu is available for i386 and x86_64 architecture systems. Based on Ubuntu, the mother of the Distro is Debian which is quite stable as well as backed (by Developers 😉 )
The Linux Distribution is ranked at 27 (with 364 hits per day) on

To download the .iso image of the distro, click here.
For instructions on installation of a Linux Distribution using a .iso file and USB Stick, check out this post.

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