MX Linux: The Top Linux Distribution?

There are a lot of Linux Distributions out there. Each having something different about itself. So, it must be really difficult for another just enough Linux Distribution to make itself shine. I Disagree.

MX Linux is the torchbearer of the on its HPD (hits per day) Rankings. It is a joint venture by AntiX and MEPIS communities to make a mid sized fully compatible Linux Distribution. But, It’s just another Linux Distribution with nothing different as such. It may sound offensive, but I expected much more than what I experienced. ?

MX Linux is a Greek Linux Distribution based on Debian (Stable) and AntiX available with Xfce Desktop Environment and is available for i386 and x86_64 architecture based devices only. Though stable, the distribution promises low footprints on the Disk Drive and high performance in low powered devices as well.

The Distribution is ranked at 1 on with 4,819 hits per day.

My Opinion ?

Considering interest of Distrowatch viewers, MX Linux may be the best Linux Distribution. But, In my opinion it a “Just Another Linux Distro“. It is pretty well received as a mid weight, Low footprint Linux Distribution and for a novice and newbie Linux User, the Linux Distribution is a good option.

To download the .iso image of the Linux Distribution, click here.

For information on installation of Linux Distribution using a USB stick, click here.

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