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We all know that Linux has the SUPER POWER 🙂 to boot from a minimal USB Stick in which it is stored and can be used whenever and wherever you need personal feel on not so personal systems. But, the thing that manages to outshine this experience is that most of the Linux Distributions with Live Medium capability are actually made for use as a stand alone Operating Systems, making Live Medium Mode a bit bulky and slugish. And But again, What if there existed a distribution that meant to used as a Live Medium OS that is minimal, small and contains all you need and can be used on any system. Yes, It’s Slax : Truly Pocket Linux!

Slax is a Live Medium / From RAM / LiveCD Linux Distribution based on Debian Stable branch developed by Tomas Matejicek and is a minimal but self sufficient OS. Slax uses Fluxbox as Desktop Environment and can be used on x86_64, i386 and iPXE platforms.

Slax provides a humble bunch of useful applications like Chromium Web Browser, VLC Media Player, XTerm Terminal, Network Manager, Task Manager, Xarchiver , Text Editor, Calculator, etc on its disposal but since the distribution is based on Debian Stable branch, tens of thousands of applications can be installed with just an “apt” command.

The Distribution is ranked at 68 with 170 hits per day on ( as on July 28, 2019 )

My Opinion { Matters? ? }

The Distributions is quite good at what it does but since there are numerous distributions offering the same performance like eliveCD the distribution somewhat fades out in the glimmers of its competition. There are no customizations that can be made to the OS and there are no taskbars or widgets.

On a positive note, the OS is quite well as Recovery Disks, Personal Data Interface or Super Incognito Browsing machine.

The .iso file of the distribution can be downloaded from here.

The installation instruction can be found here.

Slax can also be bought in from of :

  1. 8cm ReWritable DVD for $ 19.95 from here
  2. MicroSD Card with USB Reader for $ 29.95 from here
  3. AES Encrypted USB Drive for $ 99.95 from here

You can visit the Project WebSite from here.

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