Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 : The Perfect Chinese Linux ?

Ubuntu Kylin is the official Chinese counterpart of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution built especially for users using the Simplified Chinese writing system. Ubuntu Kylin runs parallel to Ubuntu Distros with a different UI named UKUI which is a revamped version of the MATE Desktop. The latest version of Ubuntu Kylin is the Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS which is based on Ubuntu’s LTS version. So, let’s check out THE CHINESE LINUX. 🙄️

Ubuntu Kylin is based on Ubuntu’s LTS version so crashing or errors are a rare sight but the Device Hardware Compatibility is not very good. Ubuntu Kylin comes with almost every app you’ll need and its App Store is well customized for users as well making a transition for Windows user very easy. UKUI is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu Kylin which is based on MATE Desktop so it’s pretty snappy and customizable yet Ubuntu Kylin provided with some extra customizability. Dark Mode Toggle was introduced in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and can be seen here as well. The Distro also includes some of the major themes and icon packs for easy customization. Overall, the Distro looks really modern and is pretty sleek. The Menu can be expanded by a small button on the top right corner like KDE Menu and most of the App have a mac like translucent finish to them which look even better in Dark Mode ( totally personal preference ). The Windows-like Notification Centre and easy toggles make it pretty easy to work with. The distro emphasizes on first-time users and thus makes every feature available to them in the easiest manner.

But, we have to bear in mind that it is not a perfect distro and thus has some pretty serious bugs and that might hinder your experience. So, do report them as soon as you encounter these issues. Some UI components are also in the Chinese Language. UKUI has the potential of being one of the best Linux Environments but in the long run and a lot to achieve.
Recently, there have been issues regarding Privacy Encroachment by Chinese Apps and Services which led to the ban of popular Chinese Applications like TikTok, UC Browser, etc. and the issue of privacy regarding this distro is also being voiced. Let me clear the air for you, Ubuntu Kylin is developed by Canonical and DOES NOT SHARE ANY CRITICAL INFORMATION. All of your data is saved only on your devices except for the services YOU CHOOSE TO USE. Therefore, Ubuntu Kylin won’t share your data with the Chinese Govt.😌️

Coming upon the technicalities, Ubuntu Kylin is available for aarch64 and x86_64 architectures only. Package management is, as usual, DEB ( Ubuntu, duh …). The Language Support is for zh_CN. The Distribution is ranked at 17 ( with 739 hits per day ) on Distrowatch.com.

To download the .iso image of Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 LTS, click here.
For instructions on the installation of Linux Distributions using a USB Stick, click here.

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