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Ubuntu Studio is a free and open source Linux Distribution and an official flavor of Ubuntu, made especially for professional in creative fields like Audio, Graphics, Video, etc. Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia based Linux Distribution that is used among the best of the respective fields. It aims to be a community curated multimedia oriented operating system to work out-of-the-box for multimedia applications, and to be easy-to-use for the complex processes required by professional audio production while still being a good all-in-one studio for various purposes.

Ubuntu Studio features some of the best open source media production applications. It provides graphic design and modelling applications like Blender, InkScape, GIMP, and PikoPixel. Office suites like Calibre and LibreOffice. Audio Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering andΒ  Live Production apps like JACK, Ardour, Carla, Sequencers and Synthesizers, Virtual Guitar amps, and Audio Programming. To edit, process and organize photos, apps like Darktable and Shotwell. Video Production, 3D Rendering and Animating apps like OpenShot and FFMPEG. Countless more apps can be installed via the App Centre.

In my usage, as a Student and part time music enthusiast, I found the Distribution quite interesting but the Distribution has a separate use scenario. It provides as a great alternative to many industry level Media Production Systems and Is quite good at what it’s meant for.

Ubuntu Studio is an Ubuntu based Linux Distribution providing Xfce as the default Desktop. It is available for i386 and x86_64 platforms. The Distro is ranked at 76 on Distrowatch.com (with 186 hits per day)

To download the .iso file for the distribution, Click here.

To visit the Community Forum for the Distribution, click here.

For instructions on installation of a Linux Distribution using an USB Stick, Click here.


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