Ubuntu : The Boss?

Linux Operating systems are all about usability and flexibility. Ubuntu is an infamous operating system that is currently the third most used operating system. Made by Canonical Group, this is a complete operating system that comes bundled with Unity desktop environment with its pleasing Orange tint. It feature a dock which is completely customizable and worth the vibe. Its interface is quite easy to use.

It is available for architectures : arhmf, i686, powerocpc, ppc64el, s390x, x86_64 which makes it a greatly compatible operating system. It packs with itself almost all the necessary stuff that is used including Media Players Codecs, LibreOffice, Software Management Tools, Terminal, Browser (Firefox), and everything that your system ever needs.

Expert Advice

Here’s what Linux Scoop has to say about Ubuntu.

The Distribution is currently ranked at 5 on Distrowatch.com with 1,322 hits per day (as on Feb 4, 2019)

The Problem

The problems that mainly strike new users is drivers. I personally use HP – 15bw0256au with Realtek rtl8723de WiFi + Bluetooth chip set installing which was a nightmare, but not to mention all the manufacturers make drivers for Linux as well so with some extra work on board you’re actually using a better alternative to others.

“Woh kehte hain na, kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai!” 😉

All in all, Ubuntu is a stock operating system that is already used by many firms. So, why not use it.

To download the .iso file, head to Ubuntu page from here

To learn how to flash an .iso file and boot it in your system, head over to this post.

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